The Red Arrow has undergone many transformations since the early days, but one thing will never change... and that is keeping up the quality and consistency that The Lamontagne's began back in 1922. We continue to strive each and every day to provide you with the very best the Red Arrow 24 Hr. Diner has to offer!"

By sticking to the simple formula of good food, low prices, courteous service, and clean atmosphere, the Red Arrow packs 'em in." says Randy Garbin of Roadside Magazine in regards to one of his personal favorites. The 24-hour diner in downtown Manchester, recently went smoke-free and is enjoying a booming business as a result. "The excellent food helps too." Garbin recommends the breakfast chili omelet, "an unusual concoction, but grilled without a hint of browning." And don't miss the pies, especially the "splendid brownie cream pie and soul-satisfying coconut cream."  http://www.zydepunks.com/images/usa_today.png

Be on the lookout for the Red Arrow being featured in the Food Networks On the Road Promotion, specifically in their Wake Up Worthy Breakfast Spots!

Red Arrow Diner

Get a Slice of New Hampshire's Political Mood at the Red Arrow Diner - Watch Now

The Red Arrow Diner was awarded People's Choice in New Hampshire by the International Chili Fest.

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